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Arapahoe County, Colorado

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Littleton Historic District, Arapahoe County, Colorado

Arapahoe County
Littleton, Colorado
2,100 employees

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Arapahoe County, Colorado serves a population of 630,000 residents and holds the distinction of being the state’s first county.

In one of the fastest growing regions of Colorado, the county employs over 2,100 people who support over 24 government departments — ranging from divisions that oversee public works and property taxes, to operations in law enforcement and more.

Our wellness initiatives not only help us be an employer-of-choice for the region, but also improve our employee productivity.
Rachel Beck
Benefits Analyst
Arapahoe County

Managing workplace stress demands

Although the county has an active wellness committee that supports multiple dimensions of health across the organization, many employees encounter stress by the very nature of their jobs.

For example, employees in the Sheriff’s Office; Department of Children, Youth and Family Services; and the Detention facility experience additional job-related demands according to their assignments. In turn, this stress affects levels of worker absenteeism, presenteeism, and productivity.


Drive a culture of employee wellness and increased productivity during one of the most demanding times of the year — the holiday season.


Implement six-week employee Mindfulness Challenge using Mindario

Driving organizational wellness

“Helping our employees navigate the demands of work and life is important for us,” said Rachel Beck, benefits analyst for Arapahoe County.

“Our wellness initiatives not only help us be an employer-of-choice for the region, but also improve our employee productivity. Our team is committed to helping employees manage their stress across the organization.”

To support employee emotional health and mitigate presenteeism, the county previously had experimented with a gratitude journaling program, which garnered good employee participation.

However, Arapahoe County wanted to formalize a Mindfulness Challenge as it headed into one of the most stressful times of the year of employees’ professional and personal lives — the holiday season.

Mindfulness challenge

Challenge program beyond just meditation

To help with organizational wellness and employee productivity, Arapahoe County turned to Mindario for its Holiday Mindfulness Challenge.

With a six-week program, participants explored different content themes each week — including an introduction to mindfulness, mindful eating, mindful relationships, mindful giving, and more.

In contrast to many stress management programs that only focus on guided meditation, Mindario expanded the set of challenge activities to include not only meditation but also guided experiences and journaling too.

Mindario features
  • Challenge capabilities
  • Mindfulness content themes
  • Guided meditation, experience activities, and journaling
  • Weekly email content update
  • Opt-in, privacy based reporting dashboard
  • User support helpline
  • iOS and Android apps
The Mindario mindfulness challenge helped us grow our culture of wellness within Arapahoe County.
Rachel Beck
Benefits Analyst
Arapahoe County
Weekly emails keep employees engaged

During the challenge, employees stayed engaged with weekly email updates containing new content, themes and activities. Links in the email helped participants directly navigate to the activities within the app without having to spend time searching for them.

And to help employees gauge how far they’ve come, a handy progress tracker in the app allowed them keep pace with the challenge.

Privacy-based incentives

Designed with privacy in mind, Mindario allowed participants to opt-in and share if they completed challenge activities with their employer (without sharing access frequency or journal content), so that they could be eligible for rewards and incentives.

On the employer side, an online dashboard showed which activities employees completed, and facilitated easy incentive delivery. And in case participants ran into any trouble completing the challenge, a Mindario support line helped them quickly become unstuck.


Mindful employees: 65% of challenge participants noted they had become more mindful through the challenge

Engaged participants: 70% of participants ranked weekly email updates as a helpful driver of engagement

More than meditation: Guided meditation and guided experiences (unique to Mindario) were the most helpful activities to challenge participants

Easy, fast and fun: Participants noted the app was intuitive, and easy-to-use


Overall, the Arapahoe County Mindfulness challenge was a success — generating positive feedback from participants and contributing to a climate of productivity and well-being. Nearly two-thirds of participants (65%) noted that Mindario helped them become more mindful, with participants ranking guided meditation as the most helpful activity, followed by guided experiences.

Accessing challenge activities via email also facilitated employee participation and engagement, with 70% indicating that weekly updates were helpful to them. Participants also commented that the app was intuitive for them, and easy to use.

A mindful future

And for Arapahoe County, they’re looking at expanding their initiatives in resilience and stress management for the future.

“The Mindario mindfulness challenge helped us grow our culture of wellness within Arapahoe County,” said Beck. “And that helps us ascend to higher levels of productivity in our organization.”

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