Mindfulness challenges — with program communications, nudges, analytics and more.

  • Customized landing pageGet users started quickly with a custom landing page that outlines your challenge details, app download instructions and more
  • User signupProvision employees for your challenge based either on their email domain or a custom sign-up code
  • Communication assetsUse customized assets to publicize your program - email, posters, signage, and more
  • Content themesUse a different content theme each week of the challenge (like Intro to Mindfulness, Mindful Eating, Gratitude, and more) to prompt mindful activities
  • ​Progress measurementShow employees available challenge activities, and completed activities with a convenient progress tracker
  • Custom content & durationCustomize the challenge length and content themes from the standard challenge options
Mindful Content
  • Guided MeditationWith guided meditation at its core, Mindario moves beyond just meditation to include a wide array of mindfulness activities
  • JournalingAllow users to reflect on life situations through journal prompts
  • Experience activitiesPrompt employees to go and experience mindful activities (like delivering a gratitude letter) and reflect on it
  • Device platformsEngage employees with the Mindario app wherever, whenever, on the most popular device platforms: Android and iOS
  • Nudges and notificationsRemind busy employees about challenge activities each with an automatic nudge email
Program Tools
  • PrivacyMaintain user privacy: sponsors have zero access to user journals, individually identifiable frequency of app usage, or activity access
  • Opt-in reportingAllow users to opt-in to challenge activity completion reporting, in order to be eligible for incentives (if offered)
  • SupportAllow users to get app support with a convenient email support helpline
  • Wellness program integrationCustomize the app settings page with additional information about your wellness programs (EAP helpline, wellness portal, etc.)
  • ​Opt-in activity completion dashboardView activity completion for the population (based on opt-in by individual users), and determine if users are eligible for incentives (if offered)
  • Population participation dashboardView app registration rates and program participation

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