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Help your employees be resilient in the face of Covid-19 with mindfulness challenges

The New Normal

This crisis is bigger than any one of us. Business is disrupted, workers are worrying, and life has been upended from normal.

Driving resilience

But Covid-19 is not bigger than all of us. We can band together to strengthen our communities, teams, and businesses - and bounce back even stronger.

Navigating Uncertainty

Our challenge, Navigating Uncertainty, helps employees de-stress during this period of turbulence through activities around stress, anxiety, gratitude and more.

Challenge Content

Guided meditation
Breathing micro meditation
Gain a rapid introduction to guided meditation with a short activity to focus thoughts on the rising and falling of breath, and re-focusing thoughts as the mind wanders.
Guided meditation
Walking activity
Develop a practice of paying attention to body sensations, thoughts, and environmental surroundings that come by engaging in a short walk either inside or out.
Journaling the present
Strengthen an emerging sense of non-judgmental mindfulness by responding to a hyper-focused journal question: “How are you at this very moment?”

Guided meditation
Body scan meditation
Increase mindfulness by focusing attention on the current state (tense/relaxed, temperature, location etc) of different parts of the body in a methodical fashion — from head to toe.
Anxiety journaling
Use journaling to reflect on a recent time of anxiety or worry, what caused those feelings, and opportunities to re-approach that worry.
Experience activity
Thought Record
Examine a situation that may be causing anxiety using a variety of different angles — how thoughts around it may be distorted from reality and making a counterargument against those worrysome thoughts.

Guided meditation
Breathing meditation
De-stress with a guided meditation that focuses especially on being aware of the movements around inhalation and exhalation.
Stress journal
Use journaling to reflect on current and past stressors, how to handle them, and learnings for going forward.
Experience activity
Destress by connecting with others
Turn outward and connect with others (e.g. send a friend an email expressing gratitude, let a trusted friend or family member know what’s stressing you, or helping someone else) and reflect on how strengthening social connections helped with stress.

Three good things
Drive awareness of positive, optimistic events that have occured during the past week, and concretize three of those events in a journal entry.
Guided meditation
Gratitude meditation
Spend a few quiet moments focusing thoughts on meaningful things for which to give gratitude.
Experience activity
Gratitude note
Develop positive emotions by writing, delivering, and reading a letter of thanks to someone meaningful.

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