Mindfulness at work

Help employees thrive in uncertain times with mindfulness challenges

The New Normal

In a post Covid-19 world, employees are concerned more than ever before about health, family, and the economy - not to mention their day-to-day jobs

Mindfulness challenges

Support emotional wellness and connect with employees through mindfulness challenges —​ ​ a fresh alternative to the typical fitness step-counter activity

How it works


Easy deployment

Publicize your mindfulness challenge with customized communications assets & let employees access Mindario with intuitive sign-up


Mindful content

Users experience a new content theme for each week of the challenge - and go beyond just meditation with journaling, experience activities, and more


Nudges & notifications

Connect participants with challenge activities through regular nudges and notifications


Measuring progress

Let participants see how far they've come with a handy in-app progress tracker

HR & wellness managers can measure population progress with an opt-in activity completion dashboard

Customer Success

Catto & Catto

See how one of Texas's largest independently owned insurance and benefits agencies drives its own culture of wellness with Mindario

Case study

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Help your employees be their best in uncertain times

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